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Step 2: Meet with your financial institution (click to find out more)

Even after completing the SmartSAVER web application, you will still need to attend a brief appointment at your bank or credit union to complete your application and open the RESP account. We want you to feel totally prepared for this appointment, by offering the following recommendations:

  • Download your bank or credit union’s one page flyer and bring it with you to the bank. To avoid any confusion, these flyers help you show your bank the RESP account type that you want to open to receive the Canada Learning Bond, using the bank’s own words and logo.
  • Be ready to ask questions! Click here to see our recommended list of questions to help you learn everything you need about your RESP account.  Don’t feel pressured to sign anything unless you are fully comfortable.

Step 3: Sign your application and wait for approval (click to find out more)

Once you leave the bank, the hard work is done!

Now just wait for the applications to be processed and Canada Learning Bond money to appear in the account (if eligible). Don’t worry if it takes a few weeks – the government has to confirm your income level from your tax returns and this takes some time. Feel free to contact your bank, SmartSAVER, or WoodGreen if you have questions or need support.

Remember, you will need to complete your tax return each year to continue to receive your child’s Canada Learning Bond and Canada Education Savings Grant money (if eligible).